Sleep or something like it . . .

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It is 5:12 am.  Yes, you heard me right.  Here I will say it again.  It is 5:12 in the fucking morning . . . wait a sec . . . nope, I lied, it’s 5:13 am. Shit.  My girls, for one reason or another decided it would be a wonderful night to just raise hell, stay up all night, and basically wear daddy down to a shell of his former self.  If I thought it would help I would go whimper in the corner and suck my thumb.  Yep, I would do that shit in a heartbeat.  I guess I could sit here and work on the novel or perhaps a short story, but then I remember, it’s 5:16 in the fucking morning.  Who can think this early/late?  Certainly not I.  Nope my brain is complete shit right now, it is merely a barely thinking ooze sitting in the middle of my skull taking up space.  You know there might be a typo or two in this little post, but guess what, it’s 5:18 in the morning and I don’t give two shits.  So grammar Nazis please put me out of my misery and gas me now.  Tomorrow/today, that happy nether region between the two, I am going to be a fucking vampire. These two kids and myself, yeah, we are slipping in, way in, like breakfast for dinner in.  See all you good people on the flip side.  Oh by the way, it’s 5:21 am . . .

The resurrection has begun . . .

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Okay, I admit it, I have been a lazy fuck.  I haven’t been blogging or keeping the website updated, but I can already smell my favorite time of year in the air and it is time I get back to my gory, horrific roots.  It’s also time that I start writing again.  I have tried not being myself for awhile now and that shit just doesn’t work.  I’m not a farmer, I’m not anything that so many people want or expect me to be.  What I am is a bad-ass horror writer that is hungry to get his teeth wet with literary gore and to slash a few fictional throats.  That’s who I am, it’s what I always have been deep down inside where it counts.

So with all that being said I have a lot of thoughts in my head, so many new worlds to explore, so many more monsters to let loose on the world, and I am excited to get too it.  Twisted Limbs Press is back and ready to stir up a pot of crazy!

I am going to update this a lot more often and will be posting updates on stuff as I finish stories up and get the publishing ball rolling.  For now, please check out some of my work at Amazon, it’s cheap, most of it is fucked up, but hey who would have it any other way.

Oh, big shout out to my beautiful wife, Becky.  She puts up with all of my weird shit, my self-loathing, and my dark, melancholy periods without missing a beat. Love you babe, you’re the only fan I have 🙂

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